2023 | Journal paper

The VEGA Tool to Check the Applicability Domain Gives Greater Confidence in the Prediction of In Silico Models

Authors: Alberto Danieli, Erika Colombo, Giuseppa Raitano, Anna Lombardo, Alessandra Roncaglioni, Alberto Manganaro, Alessio Sommovigo, Edoardo Carnesecchi, Jean-Lou C. M. Dorne, Emilio Benfenati

Status: Published
Journal: International Journal of Molecular Sciences
Volume/Issue: 24(12), 9894

2021 | Journal paper

Maintenance, update and further development of EFSA's Chemical Hazards: OpenFoodTox 2.0

Authors: Emilio Benfenati, Alessandra Roncaglioni, Edoardo Carnesecchi, Matilda Mazzucotelli, Marco Marzo, Andrey Toropov, Alla Toropova, Rossella Baldin, Andrea Ciacci, Simona Kovarich, Luca Sartori, Chihae Yang, Tomasz Magdziarz, Bryan Hobocienski, Aleksandra Mostrag

Status: Published
Journal: EFSA supporting publication
Volume/Issue: 18(3), 6476E

2020 | Journal paper

Integrating QSAR models predicting acute contact toxicity and mode of action profiling in honey bees (A. mellifera): Data curation using open source databases, performance testing and validation

Authors: Edoardo Carnesecchi, Cosimo Toma, Alessandra Roncaglioni, Nynke Kramera, Emilio Benfenati, Jean-Lou C.M. Dorne

Status: Published
Journal: Science of The Total Environment
Volume/Issue: 735, 139243

2019 | Journal paper

Investigating combined toxicity of binary mixtures in bees: Meta-analysis of laboratory tests, modelling, mechanistic basis and implications for risk assessment

Authors: Edoardo Carnesecchi, Claus Svendsen, Stefano Lasagni, Audrey Grech, Nadia Quignot, Billy Amzal, Cosimo Toma, Simone Tosi, Agnes Rortais, Jose Cortinas-Abrahantes, Ettore Capri, Nynke Kramer, Emilio Benfenati, David Spurgeon, Gilles Guillot, Jean-Lou C.M. Dorne

Status: Published
Journal: Environment International
Volume/Issue: 133, 105256