8 Jul 2024

PollinERA presented at the 8th meeting of the Working Group on Pollinators

Last month, the PollinERA project was presented at the 8th meeting of the Working Group on Pollinators (WGP), a subgroup of the EU Biodiversity Platform.

Chaired by DG Environment (Unit D.2 "Natural Capital and Ecosystem Health"), this group brings together the European Commission, Member States' representatives and various stakeholders as well as the European Environment Agency. With up to 70 members, the WGP assists the Commission in the preparation of policy initiatives in the field of the conservation of pollinators, and in particular in the revision of the EU Pollinators Initiative and the implementation of the revised Initiative.

During the June meeting, project coordinator Prof. Christopher John Topping (The Social-Ecological Systems Simulation (SESS) centre, Aarhus University) gave an overview of PollinERA, introducing the consortium, objectives, work packages, approach, study species, expected results and outcomes.

“We would like to thank the Working Group on Pollinators for the opportunity, and we hope that the PollinERA presentation sparked interest among the meeting attendees.” 

 – Prof. Christopher John Topping

Our coordinator presented also one of the project’s main goals – the development of a One System Framework for risk assessment and policy evaluation including an international long-term monitoring scheme for pollinators and pesticides.

PollinERA’s One System Framework

Among the participants of the meeting were also representatives of the EU projects WildPosh, Safeguard, BioAgora, RestPoll and TETTRIs, all aiming to contribute to a sustainable transformation for biodiversity in Europe and tackle biodiversity and pollinator losses.

The meeting agenda and presentations will be made available at CIRCABC.