29 Jan 2024

PollinERA presented at WildPosh’s kick-off meeting: Joint flight towards a pollinator-friendly future

On 26 January 2024, during the kick-off meeting of PollinERA’s sister project WildPosh, PollinERA coordinator Prof. Christopher J. Topping (SESS, Aarhus University) introduced the project and talked about synergies with WildPosh that will contribute to maximising the impact and sustainability of results. Along with the similarities, differences and collaboration potential between the two projects, Christopher Topping went through PollinERA’s mission, objectives and expected outcomes.

About WildPosh:

WildPosh is a multi-actor, transdisciplinary project whose overarching mission and ambition are to significantly improve the evaluation of risk to pesticide exposure of wild pollinators, and enhance the sustainable health of pollinators and pollination services in Europe. As chemical exposure varies geographically, across cropping systems, inside the crop system and among pollinators, the project will characterise exposure by doing fieldwork in four countries. These countries represent the four main climatic European regions, Mediterranean, Atlantic, Continental and Boreal climate in Germany, England, Estonia and Spain. WildPosh will also develop experiments in controlled conditions on different species of bees, syrphid flies, moths and butterflies, and collect in silico data on their traits and the toxicity of pesticides. The consortium brings extensive experience in Research and Innovation projects conducted within the Horizon programmes, as well as excellent scientific knowledge of chemistry, modelling, nutritional ecology, proteomics, environmental chemistry and nutritional biology.